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Puzzle Cube Demo (With Supercubes Up To 20x20x20)


Like Rubik’s Cube? Then you are going to love this application by GabbaSoft.

Scramble your brain with Cubes and Supercubes of different sizes, ranging from 2x2x2 all the way to 20x20x20. Features include: timer and move counters, full screen and windowed modes, auto save, auto scramble, unlimited undo, and in-game help. The finished product will offer more puzzle shapes and types as well as many additional options and features absent from this demo.

Although this project is still in development, the demo application is stable and fully functional. Give it a try for free and send [Read More...]


Rubik’s Mirror Blocks


The latest Rubik’s is called Rubik’s Mirror Blocks and looks more like a piece of art than a puzzle.

The first time I saw Rubik’s Mirror Blocks I thought this can not work with the a-symetrical blocks, but it does. Personally I really like the looks of Rubik’s Mirror Blocks, has the same size and works as far as I can see from the video Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Review at YouTube exactly the same as the original Rubik’s cube.

Rubik’s Mirror Blocks is at this moment only available in Japan and I can [Read More...]


European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2008


The 3rd edition of The European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2008 starts today and will be held in Derio (Bilbao – Spain) and end on Sunday when all winners of the several categories are known.

During the championship the official WCA regulations will be applied. The program of the European Championship consists of: - Friday: finals for some side events, qualification for main events. - Saturday: preliminary rounds for main events, finals for some side events. - Sunday: finals, winner’s ceremony, after party.

The European Rubik’s Cube Championship is open to competitors from [Read More...]


Tiger Woods’ Putts a Rubik’s Cube For Real


Su.doku.es wrote about a video of Tiger Woods putting a Rubik’s Cube for a viral of EA Sports to promote the PGA Tour.

Well my first thought was that is was just fake and that it was a just a digitaly enhanced video. But there is also a video at Youtube that shows you a ‘Behind The Scenes’ of Tiger Woods putting a Rubik’s Cube of Tiger Woods’ putting a Rubik’s Cube for real [Read More...]


Advertisements with Puzzles


Last week I found several advertisements on the internet all using puzzles to attract the attention of their potential customers.

Honda Problem Playground Website and a video of The Making of Honda Problem Playground at youtube. From the zero emission FCX Clarity car to the Civic Hybrid and Clean Diesel i-DTEC engine – learn how Honda is creating products with less impact on the environment.

Rubik’s Cube: 25th Anniversary and still going [by DDB in New Zealand].

Red Bull Jigsaw Puzzle [Read More...]


Rubik’s Cube Used To Get On Right Side Of Octopuses


It may be an infuriating puzzle which has baffled and defeated countless children and their parents over more than two decades, but this octopus appears determined to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

The three-dimensional puzzle, which became a huge success in the early 1980s, is among toys being given to the intelligent sea creatures to determine whether they favour a particular tentacle, or if they are octidextrous.

Experts believe octopuses use a preferred arm for feeding and touching objects and will test the theory with a month-long observation project in Sea Life Centre attractions across Europe.

More than 25 octopuses will [Read More...]


Rubik’s Ice Cube (2×2)


Rubik’s Ice Cube is the latest addition to my puzzle collection. This one I found in a little toy shop in Rapla (Estonia). I saw some more puzzles but as I was on a cycling tour from Riga to Tallinn I thought it was not a good idea to carry more stuff with me (more about this trip will follow soon somewhere on this website).

Rubik’s Ice cube is a 2×2 version of the original Rubik’s cube puzzle (3×3). The objective is the same as its bigger [Read More...]

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