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Double Sokoban – Online Puzzle Game


Double Sokoban (Japanese for warehouse keeper) is an interesting Sokoban variant with a nice twist that looks like the famous transport puzzle game series called Shift.

Object of Double Sokoban  is to solve two Sokoban puzzles at the same time. Use the space-bar to switch between the to puzzle games using the same game grid and the arrow keys to move the warehouse keeper and to move all boxes to their final destination.

In short, plan your moves carefully to solve both puzzles at the same time. [Read More...]


Sticky Blocks Game – Online Puzzle Game


Sticky Blocks Game is an addictive Sokoban kind of online puzzle game.

Only in Sticky Blocks you don’t push the blocks around but they stick together when the blocks touch each other.

Solve all 50 challenging levels and as an extra there are eight bonus levels. Happy Puzzling!



Cloud Control – Online Puzzle Game


Cloud Control is a Sokoban type of puzzle game by NewsGround.

This is a precision on-line puzzle game you have to touch each blue cloud to assimilate them, then move together until the sky is yours. Don’t try to leave the screen and avoid to touch storm clouds.

You van move your cloud mass with the arrow keys, and click the arrow in the top-left to return to the level select screen. There are 15 challenging levels to complete. Happy Puzzling!



Rock Garden – Online Puzzle Game


Rock Garden is an addictive Sokoban based online puzzle game.

Object is to arrange the stones in your backyard. Rock Garden offers you two game modes: the Classic Game and Random Mode offering endless play. Players can earn over 100 collectible stones in the Classic Game, which can appear in the Random games and in the custom Gardens that players create themselves.

Play through over 100 levels in this stone-matching puzzler, each with its own unique layout, environment, and collectible stone. Happy Puzzling!



Traverse – Online Puzzle Game


Traverse is a nice and addictive online puzzle game is Sokoban style.

Object of Traverse, that will truly put your mind to the test, is to move your ship to the exit making sure you don’t stray to the vacuum of space.

Use the arrow keys to navigate your ship around the game grid. Traverse consists of many mechanics you’ve seen before, but taken to an all new level with superb level design. Non-linear game play allows you to choose which levels you would like to play. If a level is too hard, pick a [Read More...]


Sokoban Experts – Logic Puzzle Game


Sokoban Experts is another logic puzzle game from Curse in which a warehouse keeper (Sokoban in Japanese) to push the boxes to the targets in a tight maze.

Featuring a hundred levels of varying difficulty from ridiculously easy to brainblasting hard. Use the arrows to move. Happy Puzzling!



Block Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Block Puzzle is a combination between a platform game and a Sokoban puzzle game.

Try solving the enigmas of twenty puzzles that must be revealed by carefully moving blocks and pressure plates. At first these puzzles are straightforward, but by the end of the game they are truly insidious. Happy Puzzling!


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