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Sudokoban – Online Puzzle Game


Sudokoban brings the famous Sudoku puzzles and the puzzle classic Sokoban together.

Object of Sudokoban is to push crates (one at a time) into the grid in the center of the board to form a Sudoku solution. Push bomb crates into numbered crates to destroy them. Use arrows to move and push blocks. Happy Puzzling!



Push – Online Puzzle Game


Push is yet another tribute to the classic transport puzzle game like many other Sokoban puzzle games.

Object is to pushes the boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and try to put them in designated locations. Push comes with 150 levels of puzzle pleasure (don’t get distracted by the ads between some of the levels.

Use the arrow keys and move the little guy around. Make him push the jewels into the concrete (grey) blocks. The guy can only push one jewel at a time and cannot pull the jewels. Happy Puzzling!



Maze Stopper – Online Puzzle Game


Maze Stopper 3 is an interesting maze puzzle game with some Sokoban effects.

Object is to stop your opponent monsters in the puzzle game getting to the exit first. Modify the maze/labyrinth and move the levers and reach the exits before the CPU-dude. Happy Puzzling!

PS Try also Maze Stopper and Maze Stopper 2

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Nudge – Online Puzzle Game


Nudge is another nice Sokoban influenced puzzle game for you to solve.

Help Nudge collect balloons in this tricky action puzzler. Just move all the boxes around, avoid the boxes which move themselves (in a structured way) and much other things are in there. Move the balloon through the maze to the end. There are 40 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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orThought – Online Puzzle Game


orThought is 3D block moving puzzle game by EketechGames.

This Sokoban kind of puzzle game is challenging but not to difficult. When a puzzle seems difficult, the best advice is to stop and think your way through the challenge. A lot of puzzles are a lot less difficult than they appear, once you can see through the gimmick. Use arrows to move, climb ladders and push blocks in order to reach the exits. Happy Puzzling!



A Miner Problem – Online Puzzle Game


A Miner Problem is a nice block moving Sokoban (warehouse keeper in Japanese) type of puzzle game.

A Minor Problem is a puzzle game with 32 fun/challenging levels. Solve each level by matching all the blocks together, each type of gem must be match either three or more vertically or horizontally to clear them. Use the mouse to select each gem, then choose a direction to move them. Match three or more of the same gems vertically or horizontally together to clear the levels. Happy Puzzling!



Crossoban – Online Puzzle Game


Crossoban is an original puzzle game that’s related to Sokoban type of puzzle game, but is actually very novel.

Object is to group all blocks of the same color together. Game instructions can be found just below the puzzle. From level 8 onwards new elements like ice and conveyors are added.

The levels start easy and gradually get more difficult each of the 35 levels, which is always a good thing. Happy Puzzling!


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