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CluedUp – Interactive Puzzle Club


Telegraph Media Group (TMG) has launched CluedUp, an interactive club on Telegraph.co.uk (TCUK) for the dedicated puzzler.

The new site will incorporate the Telegraph’s existing Crossword Society, now in its seventh year, and will offer an expanded and innovative online community with more than 10,000 members.

If you consider yourself a puzzle aficionado, CluedUp offers you the chance to compete for cash prizes and access the impressive archive of Telegraph crosswords. Each week, CluedUp will offer over fifty new puzzles, including the widely popular General Knowledge puzzle from The Daily Telegraph Saturday edition and the recently launched Toughie. The [Read More...]


TreDoku – 3D Sudoku


At Tredoku.com you can find different kind of 3D Sudoku’s.

For Tredoku the same rules apply as for normal Sudoku’s, only the Sudoku grid looks a bit different in 3D. Tredoku puzzles come in infinite forms due to the extra dimension which gives you as a Sudoku player, a unique experience.

At the website you can find information on how to play Tredoku and daily free Tredoku puzzles. Happy Puzzling!

Tredoku puzzles books are also available at Amazon.



Sudoku Variants


When we find a new Sudoku variant you can read it here at our puzzle weblog.

To make life more easier for you we started a new web page with the Sudoku variants we found so far. The list in alphabetic order gives you a link to the Sudoku variant and a short description. The list is contains already more than 20 different Sudoku versions.

If you know Sudoku variants not listed yes, please let us know. Happy Puzzling!



Penrose Sudoku


Thanks to Josh from Puzzlinks.com I am now already one day puzzling on Penrose Sudoku.

This Sudoku variant is based upon the Penrose Slitherlink the quasi-periodic 5-fold tiling discovered by Sir Roger Penrose. The main trick to solving the puzzle seems to be discovering the row/column equivalents. Happy Puzzling!



Rolocu – Twist’n’Swap Puzzle Game


Rolocu is a Twist’n’Swap Puzzle Game. Charles Edge pointed me to this game via an email.

Object of Rolocu is to arrange these squares so that each row and each column has all nine colors in them. Double click a square to rotate a quarter turn or drag and drop one square onto another to swap places.

It looks a like Sudoku with colors. Only with Rolocu there are three online puzzle types available: 1. Twist Puzzle : All the squares are in the correct position but have been rotated. 2. Swap Puzzle : No rotations but squares have been [Read More...]


Will Shortz Introduces KenKen


KenKen puzzles are created by Japanese educator Tetsuya Miyamoto, but now the worlds most famous puzzle maker Will Shortz will bringing KenKen to the United States this fall. It will be syndicated nationally in newspapers and magazines in September and books will be out in October 2008.

Before the official introduction Will Shortz introduces KenKen and gives a brief play-by-play demonstration of this new puzzle craze on YouTube. More information about KenKen including an online version of KenKen puzzles can be found at KenKen.com

Previously we already wrote several times about KenKen on [Read More...]


Vexus Puzzles – Isolate and Navigrid


Vexus Puzzle is a web site that features two new and original logic puzzles. The two puzzle available are Navigrid and Isolate.

Navigrid is a logic puzzle in the style of Sudoku and Kakuro. It’s a puzzle that requires you to fill a sequence of numbers into a grid. The trick is that there are only a set number of moves that can be made between two consecutive numbers. These moves are listed below the grid and each can only be used once.

Isolate is a logic puzzle in the style of popular Japanese [Read More...]

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