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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sudoku Puzzle


If you like puzzles and Conies there is now next to the Crossword version of Converse All Star also the Sudoku version of Convers chucks available. As most Converse lovers make their own version of their Chuck Taylors by writing on them, this is a ideal version of Converse as they can solve the puzzles on them [via Su.doku.es]

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Sudoku Sanctuary


For the real Sudoku addicts Westin Hotels & Resorts will launch Sudoku-themed services by cooperating with Japanese publisher Nikoli Co. (well known for their hand made Sudoku’s), which has given the name of Sudoku to the number placement puzzle.

Westin has opened a Japanese-style garden called ‘Sudoku sanctuary’ in central London, which will operate for a limited period through Monday.

Westin Hotels & Resorts will serve tea to visitors, hoping that they will relax and enjoy Sudoku puzzles. Similar gardens are set to be launched in Paris, Milan and Madrid soon.

Westin Hotels & Resorts will also provide Sudoku-themed services [Read More...]


KenKen Puzzles (Sudoku Variant)


KenKen Puzzles are created by Japanese educator Tetsuya Miyamoto set to be the successor to Sudoku.

KenKen puzzles can be solved by combining the four main mathematical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To train the brain the puzzles are offered without any instruction. There are important keys to be found but no fixed starting place and no method of progression that can be learnt as a strategy. The brain is forced to dart between competing theories. It’s impossible to solve KenKen puzzles without the scientific process of trial and error and that’s the rational [Read More...]


World Sudoku Championship 2008 Puzzles


The 3rd World Sudoku Puzzle Championship (WSC) is happening as we type in Goa, India.

There are links http://wsc2008.com/ on the WSC webpage to the Sudoku puzzles used for the Finals. The whole page has the same address so go to Downloads in the sidebar). In the last link ‘all rounds’ from the finals, note the time limits (6 regular Sudoku’s of increasing difficulty and 5 mini Sudoku’s in 35 minutes; 7 Sudoku variants and 5 mini’s Sudoku’s in 40 minutes).

Thanks to Leigh Anne for this great Sudoku puzzle tip. Happy Puzzling

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Sudoku Craving


If you like Sudoku puzzles, the current star in the world of puzzles, go to Sudoku Craving to get your fix. Every day Sudoku Craving will feature a new Sudoku game, which for registered members will be sent directly to them via email. There is also a large archive of Sudoku games, so you won’t have to limit your Sudoky solving techniques to one game a day. Registered members will also have their scores and times saved and ranked, so they can compare themselves to other Sudoku players and track their overall progress. Sudoku Craving promises to [Read More...]




Sling-Do-Ku is the combination of a slot machine mechanic and the traditional Sudoku Puzzle. The game is played on a traditional Sudoku puzzle board, with the addition of a slot reel for each column. Underneath each column with empty spaces is a reel mechanic where numbers are spun like a traditional slot reel and are entered into play. The player can choose to place the number on the board or pass on placing it for that spin. At the end of the turn the player’s number placements are submitted. Each player receives a score based on several factors [Read More...]


Sudoku World


Yesterday I received an email from David Chipping about the launch of his SudokuWorld website (available in English and Dutch).

It’s comprised of millions of unique, self produced Sudoku’s that all have one unique solution. The Sudoku’s are produced using a comprehensive method of pattern matching to have fun and intriguing puzzles.

SudokuWorld was launched with 1,000,000 puzzles but has continued to add to this throughout its up-time to provide millions more. They have one of the largest collection of Sudoku’s online today and offer a website service completely free of charge.

Currently the website offers two ways [Read More...]

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