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Play Online Color Sudoku


Color Sudoku is a lovely online Sudoku variant with nine colors in stead of the regular nine numbers.

Object is to color the boxes so that each row, column and each of the nine sub grids contains one box of every color. To color a box, click on the box and then click the desired color from the palette in the upper right. Happy Puzzling!

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Original Sudoku Calendar 2011 by Nikoli


Original Sudoku Calendar 2011 from Nikoli, the Japanese puzzle publisher who launched the Sudoku craze, comes the gold standard Sudoku calendar.

Each sudoku puzzle is hand-created, giving it an interactive feel that computer-generated puzzles can’t match. The sudoku puzzles, printed in full color, begin easy on the weekend and grow more difficult over the week. Happy Puzzling!



Will Shortz Presents Ferocious Sudoku: 200 Hard Puzzles


Will Shortz has been crossword editor of The New York Times since 1993 and has released a new puzzle book with 200 hard Sudoku puzzles.

His latest Sudoku puzzle book is called Will Shortz Presents Ferocious Sudoku: 200 Hard Puzzles includes: -200 hard puzzles -Perfect portable size -Big grids for easy solving

Happy Puzzling!

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Word Puzzle Games for Amazon’s Kindle


Amazon’s Kindle now features two word-puzzle games. Barnes & Noble’s Nook already featured Android-based games, opening another software front for the two companies’ fierce e-reader competition.

Amazon’s Kindle now features two word-puzzle games, bringing the e-reader’s features more in line with those of its erstwhile rival, Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

The first game, “Every Word”, requires you find as many words as possible from six or seven scrambled on-screen letters. With the second, “Shuffled Row ”, some sixty lettered tiles are [Read More...]


Nixie Sudoku


Nixie Sudoku is an Arduino open-source electronic prototyping platform which drives drive 81 Nixie tubes to create a sudoku computer yourself.

The interesting Youtube video shows how Nixie Sudoku works. It is a walk through video on Nixie Sudoku to clears up some questions, such as showing the use of a blinking decimal point to indicate the current cursor position.

You can read more about Nixie Sudoku at the TrashbearLabs weblog. Happy Puzzling!



Play Online Futoshiki


Futoshiki thanks to an email I received from Anthony. We wrote more than two years ago about an online version of Kakuro.

Like Sudoku, Futoshiki enormous popularity in Japan can be explained by its deceptive simplicity. Futoshiki (the name literally means “not equal”) is based on a simple grid into which, like the more famous puzzle, numbers are inserted according to a few simple rules.

The numbers one to four must be placed in each row and each column, without any repeats; “greater than” or “less than” signs – literally, “not equal” [Read More...]


Sudoku Ball – Puzzle Game


Sudoku Ball – Puzzle Game is a brand new Sudoku based puzzle game available from PuzzleMaster.ca

Sudoku Ball is formed by twelve pentagons with a jigsaw puzzle shape. There are ten circles around each pentagon. Fill in non-repeating 0-9 numbers in the blank circles to complete the puzzles. Sudoku Ball puzzle will vary in level difficulty. Happy Puzzling!


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