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Fax Machines With Sudoku


Sagem Communication, which took over Philips Fax Business Unit in 2002 has unveiled its first Philips consumer fax machines in Australia and they come with a Sudoku function.

The Philips Magic 5 series fax machines are designed with an emphasis on smaller, compact size. Features include ring tones which can be assigned to individual phone numbers, pre-defined fax forms in different languages, caller ID and one touch message retrieval.

There is also an SMS function, allowing you to send and receive SMS via the landline. And for the many Sudoku addicts out there, Sagem has even packed in a [Read More...]


Domino Sudoku


Recently I noticed in my website statistics some people coming from a Spanish weblog su.doku.es.

Here I found another example of a Sudoku variant called Domino Sudoku. Although the text is in Spanish I don’t think an explanation on how to solve this Domino Sudoku is necessary.

Just combine the rules of Sudoku and Domino to solve this puzzle. Happy Puzzling!

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Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku for PS2


World most famous Sudoku solver Carol Vorderman will talk you through a number of topics including: An introduction to Sudoku: Learn the origins and rules of Sudoku puzzles. And a step-by-step guide on how to play Sudoku.

Carol Vorderman will lend a hand and help you solve an entire Sudoku puzzle from start to finish.

Hints and tips: Gain knowledge on how to become a great Sudoku player. Tutorials for every level of player, if you’re a master or novice, find out how to improve your game with live action, easy to follow tutorials.

Multi-player Hot seat and wireless play: [Read More...]


iPod Sudoku


Electronic Arts released one of two second-wave games for the fifth-generation iPod.

Electronic Arts’ Sudoku has two modes, the first one is the Normal Mode (with partially filled Sudoku grids) and the second one is the Newspaper Mode (with empty Sudoku grids). There are also multiple control schemes to accommodate probably one of your own method of number entry. iPod Sudoku has clean Japanese-themed scrolling background artwork and peaceful default music, hint and auto-fill features to help novice players, and timers to indicate both your progress and remaining battery life.

An extensive help system guides you through the [Read More...]


Combination Lock – Logic Puzzle Game


CombinationLock dot com is a free online interactive logic number puzzle game designed to provide stimulation, relaxation or just pure entertainment whenever there are a few minutes to spare. As a great new alternative to Sudoku and other number puzzles, CombinationLock can be played alone or with other players across the globe in simultaneous Multiplayer mode.

Players are presented with the image of a combination lock which can be unlocked by using clues to enter the correct digits into the reels (from two to six depending on the level of difficulty selected). The unique Multiplayer mode allows puzzlers from anywhere [Read More...]


Sudoku Hint’s new Sudoku Guide


Sudoku puzzles are literally everywhere these days. But how can the mastery of playing them be accomplished? This is the question Sudoku Hint’s new Sudoku Guide is trying to answer. Coming as a digitally downloadable ebook it is and ideal Christmas gift you can get with a few minutes notice and even send someone by email.

The Sudoku puzzle has been the most successful launch of a new puzzle game ever, and today it can be found in daily newspapers all over the world. It also comes in many digital formats for computers, cell phones or portable gaming systems.

The [Read More...]


Pure Sudoku Deluxe


Last weekend I received an invitation to test Pure Sudoku Deluxe. A Sudoku games which allows you to solve Sudoku’s on your PC.

Pure Sudoku Deluxe offers you everything you could wish for as a Sudoku Player. Five different Sudoku levels (Novice, Very easy, Easy, Intermediate or Difficult), 43 different backgrounds, smooth game play, hints and a lot of other options you definitely would like.

One of the best options is that you can save your Sudoku, for example if you are stuck. Sometimes it helps to let the Sudoku go for a while and look later on again to [Read More...]

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