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Contest proves tough for code breakers


In May this year I already wrote an article about the Sin and Vengeance Contest. Until now the Sin and Vengeance puzzle has not been solved.

Many newspaper readers enjoy the challenge of the daily crossword or crypto-quote. Recently, this interest has ballooned into a national obsession with Sudoku, jumbles and other puzzles.

It may be the pervasiveness of computers that spurred more of us to crave an analytical challenge, but puzzles are making appearances in other media. The Rule of Four, by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason spotlighted an ancient text riddled with codes [Read More...]


Zendoku Puzzle Game for PSP


Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, is pleased to announce ZENDOKU, a new puzzle game for PSP (PlayStation Portable) system and Nintendo DS platforms.

Developed by Zoonami Ltd, ZENDOKU blends exciting puzzle battle action with addictive Sudoku gameplay. Set against a whimsical Far Eastern backdrop with a light-hearted martial arts theme, ZENDOKU offers a variety of colorful characters and a comprehensive range of single-player and wireless multi-player game modes.

Players choose a character and use the unique controls of the handheld console to attack or defend against a challenger, or [Read More...]


Free Sudoku for your Mobile


At free-games.com.au you can find a free version of Sudoku for your mobile next to other puzzles and games. Just find your favorite puzzle game. Best part of this mobile version of Sudoku is that there are (virtual) unlimited number of grids so you will never end up with the same grid over and over again.

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Sudoku Master – New for Nintendo DS


Sudoku Master for Nintendo DS will be release at October 27th 2006. And the best part is that all Sudoku’s come from Nikoli. The best hand-made Sudoku supplier there is.

Sudoku master has a intuitive touch-screen controls that make solving the puzzles faster and easier than ever. And more than 4000 Sudoku puzzles, all of which were hand-picked by the Sudoku masters at Nikoli.

You can buy Sudoku Master (Nintendo DS) from Amazon.co.uk. Happy Puzzling!

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Play Futoshiki puzzles Online


After finding a website where Stephen Lang’s will blog week the Futoshiki puzzle from the newspaper “The Gardian” every week.

I received today a comment from Puzzlemix referring to a website called DoFutoshiki.com where you can solve Futoshiki Puzzles online for free. Downside is that they not yet explain how to solve Futoshiki puzzle and also do not have different levels of Futoshiki puzzles. But this is coming soon.

Buy Futoshiki Puzzle Books from Amazon.com. Happy Puzzling!





The NAS Sudokuthon is the UK’s biggest ever Sudoku event, challenging people across the UK to complete as many Sudoku grids as they can at work, at school or online – all in aid of The National Autistic Society (NAS).

The are aiming to complete 500,000 Sudoku grids and raise 500,000 for children with autism and their families. That’s one grid for every person affected by autism in the UK.

World Famous Sudoku Solver Carol Vorderman is one of the celebrities who supports the NAS Sudokuthon.

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Futoshiki Puzzles


After previous post about Futoshiki puzzles I finally found a website where Stephen Lang’s will blog week the Futoshiki puzzle from the newspaper “The Gardian” every week.

The best think Stephen will attempt to solve it too. That is unless anyone can post their solution first.

Buy Futoshiki Puzzle Books from Amazon.com. Happy Puzzling!

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