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Tips for playing Sudoku Video by Carol Vorderman


This is the last part of Sudoku videos by Carol Vorderman available at YouTube.

This video is called ‘Tips for playing Sudoku III‘ and explains ‘The Only One That Fits’ technique and lasts 1 minute. If you want to read some techniques I use to solve Sudoku’s please visit the Sodoku Solution page

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Tips for playing Sudoku II Video by Carol Vorderman


In part two of video series ‘Tips for playing Sudoku’ Carol Vorderman explains the Sudoku combining mini-grid and, rows and columns technique.

This 1m23s video is officially titled ‘Medium Puzzle tips part 1 by Carol Vorderman‘.

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Video with Tips for playing Sudoku


This is the first part of Tips of playing Sudoku Videos. In this 4m35s video Carol Vorderman explains the Sudoku Technique of Slicing and Dicing.

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Rules of Sudoku Video by Carol Vorderman


A basic explanation of Sudoku for the newbies by the world famous Carol Vorderman.

In the eighties I saw her already explaining mathematical problems on BBC television and I was fascinated by the simple way she explains problems.

She explains in a 4m20s video how simple Sudoku is. Watch the Rules of Sudoku Video. Happy Puzzling!

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Sudoku Statistics


Ever wanted to know how many different Sudoku grids are possible? Then you have to visit Frazar Jarvis Sudoku enumeration problems page explaining how he calculated some Sudoku Statistics including a description of the program they used to calculate all figures.

Just to give you a hint, there are 6670903752021072936960 different Sudoku grids. Happy Puzzling!



Magic Sudoku


At Mathpuzzle dot com you can find Magic Sudoku by Alexandre Owen Muniz.

Magic Sudoku contains only 9 numbers (1 till 9). The rules of standard Sudoku apply: every row, column, and 33 square must be filled in with all of the numbers from 1 to 9. But with the following two additional restrictions: - Both of the main diagonals must also contain every number between 1 and 9. - Each number inside the polyomino (blue cells) must be no larger than the number of blue cells in its 33 square. Conveniently, this number is the given in that 33 [Read More...]


Sudoku Breakfast Presentation


If Sudoku isn`t maths, why are we so intrigued by it? This is an interesting question raised by the University of Queensland. They will tempt new talent to Sudoku and help addicts hone their skills.

The day starts in the Eleanor Room, University of Queensland Staff and Graduates Club, with a glass of bubbly on arrival, a tasty hot breakfast, good company and two fantastic speakers: Professor Anne Street and Associate Professor Diane Donovan. Specialists in combinatorics.

More information at the University of Queensland Event page. Happy [Read More...]

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