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1,000 puzzles for your mobile in the UK


O2 and Puzzler Media, the publishing firm behind around 50 puzzle titles, are to provide downloadable Sudoku, Kakuro and crosswords through the mobile phone giant’s O2 Active portal. Mobile versions of puzzles will be available to download to O2 handsets, with the option of inviting friends to form a mini-puzzle league, enter competitions and win prizes.

Puzzler Media said users would be able to access more than 1,000 puzzles from its archive, with new ones being added daily. The Puzzler Portal, which is available via O2 Active, will offer downloadable puzzles costing 50p a [Read More...]


Puzzle Japan vs Nikoli


During a regular check on the PassionForPuzzles web site I found out that the Puzzle Japan website does not longer exist (broken link).

You are kindly requested to visit the Nikoli website. I think this is strange because last month they gave free access to all their puzzles (like Sudoku, Kakuro and nurikabe) as posted by Puzzlinks and Zotmeister. So it is time to update your bookmarks. Happy Puzzling!

You can also buy other Nikoli Slitherlink puzzle books from Amazon.com.



Hand Made Sudoku’s


A few years ago I received an email in which they offered me a puzzle book if placed a link to their website. Well I did and a few weeks later I received a slitherlink puzzle book from Nikoli. And to be honest I really liked their Slitherlink puzzles. A long time they sold their puzzle books also online. The only downside is that you can not pay by credit card (you have to use paypal). While browsing their website I also found out that Nikoli makes well made and hand made Sudoku’s. And as they at Nikoli [Read More...]


Sudoku Clip Flash Drive


Get hooked on Sudoku and keep digital files safe with the new Clip Flash Drive from Imation Corp.

Just in time for back to school, the high capacity Imation Clip Flash Drive lets students carry summer vacation photos and favorite beach tunes – and of course class notes and school projects – between home, school, the library or computer lab.

And whether you’re new to Sudoku or an expert, you can solve puzzles right from your PC using the full version of the gaming software that comes with the drive and includes four difficulty levels – easy, medium, hard and [Read More...]


Solve Sudoku Puzzles Without Thinking


For the ones who wants to solve Sudoku puzzles without even thinking I found a very detailed description with ten steps on how to solve Sudoku puzzles.

The only downside to this instruction is that you need very large printed Sudoku or you have to be able to write down and able to read small figures.

You can find this step by step guide at the Instructables dot com website.

For the people who want to solve Sudoku without writing things down just look at the passion for puzzles [Read More...]


Lara Croft’s Puzzles Paradox


Game maker Eidos PLC has released a new collection of screenshots for the mobile game ‘Lara Croft in Puzzle Paradox’ (only for JAVA enable mobiles).

Puzzle Paradox sees Lara use all her puzzle-solving skills to complete a series of problems aimed at casual gamers. There are three different puzzle styles in this game: one with a ‘Sudoku’ influence, one involving light and mirrors (simulair to the mobile game the Da Vinci Code Light Puzzle), one matching runes and symbols.

Next to the tilte background animated graphics are [Read More...]


Godoku – a letter sudoku puzzle


The Hidden Staircase Mystery Books website has a weekly Mystery Godoku puzzle.

Godoku is similar to Sudoku, but uses letters instead of numbers. The goal of Godoku is to fill in every empty box with one of nine letters. Each letter can appear only once in each horizontal row as well as in each vertical column and in each of the nine 3×3 grids. Some letters are always provided to get you started.

Finally, they also give you a mystery clue to fill in a complete row or column. It is [Read More...]

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