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Wooden Sudoku Board


This Wooden Sudoku Board I found via Sensory Edge. The Table Top Wood Sudoku Board doesn’t require pencil or paper.

This all wooden version of the addictive logical puzzle game allows you to solve it yourself or get help from others with two sided large tiles and a gaggle of small tiles for your possibility matrix. The game features: - 81 Double Sided Two Color Counters - 81 Mini Counters for multiple choices - A Sudoku book with 100 puzzles - 4 self adhesive board buffers - 1 Velvet counter bag

I think for children this is a much better and nicer [Read More...]


Sudoku toilet paper rolled out


Probably you have seen this item about Sudoku Loo Rool already on different weblogs, but this time I could not resist to publish the text provided by UPI (United Press International).

Fans of numerical Sudoku puzzles could be spending more time sitting in the bathroom now that toilet paper with individual puzzles on each sheet is available.

Developed in Britain, its creators call the printed Sudoku Loo Roll “long, strong and entertaining,” and charge about $8 per roll on the iwantoneofthose.com Web site.

The site also says if a user makes it mistake, it’s [Read More...]


Stockdoku – Sudoku With a Stock Market Twist


Do you like Sudoku or crossword puzzles? Then Schaeffer’s Stockdoku is the game for you!

Stockdoku is the same Sudoku-type game you love, with a stock market twist! The normal numbers from 1 to 9 in the Sudoku puzzle are replaced by nine ticker symbols with the highest Schaeffer’s Equity Scorecard rating of the day.

Arrange the nine ticker symbols so that there are no duplicates in any of the 3×3 grids; across any 9×9 row; or in any 9×9 column — and you’re a winner. Happy Puzzling!



Monster Sudoku


For the Sudoku die hards there is Monster Sudoku, also called Dodeka Sudoku. It is bigger and can be more difficult than normal Sudoku’s. Monster Sudoku can have a 12×12 or 16×16 grid.

Times Online offers daily a 12×12-grid Dodeka Sudoku with 12 regions each being 4×3, which has to be completed with 0 through F (used in hexadecimal). Some Monster Sudoku’s also use 1 through G rather in stead of 0 through F.

The rules of the new Dodeka and Monster Sudoku’s are exactly the same, but more numbers and letters are needed. The 12×12 Sudoku puzzles require [Read More...]


Sli-Fi releases Super Tile Sudoku for Mac


Macgamestore and Sli-Fi Games have partnered to announce the release of Super Tile Sudoku for Mac.

Super Tile Sudoku combines fresh, cool graphics and the interactivity of tile games, with over 25,000 brain-busting Sudoku puzzles! Itís especially designed for all skill-levels; so whether youíre new to the game Ė or a total Sudoku junkie.

The game features three difficulty levels, varying themes (change on the fly Beach, Pool and Forest themes), a game timer, note options, and a hint feature. Super Tile Sudoku includes a check puzzle feature, the ability to clear the board, [Read More...]


Solve Kakuro Puzzles Online


Being bored by Sudoku Puzzles and you want to make some calculations then now it is time for Kakuro (sometimes also called Kakro).

In a previous post at this blog I already explained how to solve Kakuro puzzles. Next to that I recently added a page at passion for puzzles strategy section where you can read the techniques which you can use to solve Kakuro Puzzles.

All what was missing was an online version of Kakuro, but now at free web arcade dot com [Read More...]


World Sudoku Championships 2007 in Prague


After the first Sudoku championships were held in Lucca (Italy) last year.

The second World Championships in Sudoku (WSC) as an independent event will be held in Prague in April 2007. This was announced June 24 by the organisational committee chairman Vitezslav Koudelka.

The World Sudoku Championships in Prague might have not only individuals’, but also a teams’ competition. Happy Puzzling!

Via Prague Daily Monitor


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