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Kokonotsu (Sudoku for Smarties)


For the real Sudoku lovers and smarties (as the creator’s of Kokonotsu call them) there is a website at kokonotsu with every day a new online Super Sudoku Puzzle.

They call the Super Sudoku “Kokonotsu” which is a 9-letter word and meaning “nine” in Japanese. The difference between Kokonotsu and a normal Sudoku is that there is a fourth and fifth dimensions added to the normal Sudoku. Next to the normal numerals 1 through 9 you have to place in each row, column and 3×3 square.

Kokonotsu adds the two major diagonals. Also, there is a Magic Puzzle [Read More...]


Passion for Puzzles Sudoku


All pictures of my puzzle collection can also be viewed via Flickr.

Becky created a very nice application to use Flickr photo’s for a Sudoku puzzle. For the ones who love to solve a Sudoku with pictures of my puzzle collection from Flickr just click here and type at the bottom of the page ‘puzzle’ as picture tags and ‘passionforpuzzles’ as username.

Don’t forget, all credits are for Becky. Happy Puzzling!

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Hexafex Puzzle


A new kind of puzzle called hexafex was mentioned at puzzlinks. After a few busy weeks today I found some time to check out Hexafex.

After solving a few Hexafex I can say I like them but not as much as Sudoku. The puzzle area where you are working on is smaller than at Sudoku and you just have to count till six.

The objective of Hexafex is to place numbers one to six in 6 triangles around each circle in the Hexafex puzzle. I recommend you just visit their website to try [Read More...]




In a previous post I already mentioned Puzzle Japan where I found my favorite Slither Link Puzzle books.

At Puzzle Japan they have much more number puzzles and if may say so the are all Sudoku look-a-likes. One of my favorite puzzle right now is Hitori. The rules are simple: 1. Numbers never appear more than once in each row or column. 2. Painted cells are never adjacent in a row or a column. 3. Empty cells create a single continuous area, undivided by painted cells.

And the best thing is you can also solve Hitori puzzles [Read More...]


Sudoku Song


Just for fun and for all Sudoku lovers you can find a video at YouTube.com about Sudoku.

If you are still looking how to solve all Sudoku’s visit Passion for Puzzles Sudoku Solutions page.



M4 Sudoku


The answer to the Question “How to solve the world largest puzzle” is given on Jibbl.org.

The world’s largest Sudoku puzzle was constructed on a hillside near Chipping Sodbury in the UK, very close to the Bath exit of the M4 motorway. The Sudoku is visible to motorists traveling Eastbound towards London.

The size of the puzzle measures almost 85 meter square. The solutions to this Sudoku and a larger picture of the Sudoku can be found at Jibbl.org.



Sudoku Variants


Next to the regular Sudoku and the Samurai Sudoku, which has 5 Sudoku joined in a quincunx arrangement, there are much more Sudoku variants available on the web.

Although Sudoku’s are never boring, sometimes it is nice to solve different Sudoku variants.

The first website I found showing you Sudoku variants is called Age of Puzzles which shows you five variants of Sudoku.

Math Games shows you a dozen of Sudoku variants. Just find the Sudoku variant you like and start creating the Sudoku variants puzzles you love most. Happy Puzzling!


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