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Crossword Puzzles For Kindle


Crosswords for Kindle, Vol. 1, allows you to play interactive crossword puzzles directly on your Amazon Kindle.

Puzux is the first company to bring quality interactive content to Amazon’s Kindle. Working with renowned crossword writer Myles Mellor, their aim is to deliver the best in mind-games to your Kindle whenever and wherever you are.

Crosswords for Kindle includes five complete crosswords for you to solve. You can save your progress and any point, check your answers and get the full solutions for your puzzle. You can also try a sample of our [Read More...]


Christmas Sudoku


As it’s almost Christmas why not solve a Christmas Sudoku Puzzle.

Normal Sudoku rules apply for Christmas Sudoku. Place the Christmas items in the cells such that each picture appears only once in each row, once in each column, and once in each 3×3 grid. Happy Puzzling!

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Sudokoban – Online Puzzle Game


Sudokoban brings the famous Sudoku puzzles and the puzzle classic Sokoban together.

Object of Sudokoban is to push crates (one at a time) into the grid in the center of the board to form a Sudoku solution. Push bomb crates into numbered crates to destroy them. Use arrows to move and push blocks. Happy Puzzling!



Color Sudoku – Board Game.


This game version of the classic logic game gives Sudoku a twist by swapping numbers for colors on a portable game board.

This sturdy all-wood game includes 81 wood marbles in nine colors. Puzzlers set up the initial board using one of the 104 starter scenarios (with five degrees of difficulty), then solve by filling in the empty spaces on the board so that no color is repeated in any row, column or square. Sudoku puzzles from any book or newspaper can be translated easily to the board and solved as well.

The Colors Sudoku [Read More...]


Will Shortz Presents Sudoku for a Brain Workout: 100 Wordless Crossword Puzzles


There’s always time for a little mental exercise and what better way to flex your mental muscles than with Sudoku? So grab a pencil and strengthen your mind today!

Features: - 100 all-new easy to hard puzzles - Edited by legendary New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz - Big grids with lots of space for easy solving

Will Shortz Presents Sudoku for a Brain Workout: 100 Wordless Crossword Puzzles can be ordered for US$7.99 from Amazon Dot com.



Online CALKuro – Combination Sudoku and Kakuro


If you like Sudoku and/or Kakuro puzzles you will probably also like CALKuro.

The original name of this puzzle is Kenken but this online version is called CALkuro and is a combination between Sudoku and Kakuro. A CALkuro grid is made up of different colored Sets, each consisting of one or more Cells. To solve the puzzle, the correct number must be placed in each of the Cells according to the following rules:- Fill in the Cells without repeating a number in any row or column.- A number may be repeated in a Set, but not [Read More...]


Play Windoku Online


Since I discovered a new Sudoku variant called Windoku I went looking for some online Windoku puzzles to solve.

The two best I found are:- Windoku by YouPlay where you can play every day five levels (from easy to extreme) Windoku’s, and- Daily Windoku, where can solve one Windoku every day.

The rules for solvinh a Windoku, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in:- Each of the nine vertical columns- Each of the nine horizontal rows- Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes- Each of the four 3 x 3 window panes

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