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Mobile Cube

Passion for offers you also puzzles for your mobile devices. Thanks to James Morrison who developed a program for mobile devices like Mobile Phones and PDA's which support Java and have a color display size of at least 128 x 128 pixels.

The program works fine on a the following mobile phones : Nokia 6500, Sony Ericsson: K700 and K750 but does for example NOT work on the Alcatel mobile phone One Touch 757. Please send an e-mail with your mobile experience.

The ZIP file contains two files:
  • MorrixCube.jar - The jar file containing the program.
  • MorrixCube.jad - A descriptor file (usually not needed).
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. The program can be installed by sending the jar file to the mobile device via Bluetooth, infra-red or the data cable. In most cases when the jar file is received on the device, the user will be guided through an auto-installation procedure by the device. If the installation procedure does not start automatically, the user should navigate to the jar file on the phone and install it manually. Note : Some devices may have their own procedures for program installation and some devices may need the jad file to be present also.

Program Operation

Instructions on how to use the cube are available in the help section of the program.


Please visit with your mobile phone to download mobile puzzles via WAP.


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Puzzle Resource for Mobiles

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