3D Illustration of Emerging Monster

/3D Illustration of Emerging Monster

3D Illustration of Emerging Monster

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Artist: Nagai Hideyuki

I was very pleased to see another amazing 3 dimensional drawing from Nagai Hideyuki. I have watched the video on how he completes a 3D art and I must say that he is one of the most inspiring visual artists that I have found on the Internet.

About the 3D Illustration of Emerging Monster

The 3D Illustration of Emerging Monster was created by Nagai Hideyuki. He has exhibited his adeptness in creating depth and shadowing in this piece. It appears that the monster is very eager to come out of the paper with some plans on his mind. It looks super real and scary. He has once again demonstrated that he is a master of 3D drawings.

About the Artist

Nagai Hideyuki is a young Japanese artist. He was born on February 7, 1991 in Wakayama. Nagai Hideyuki has a fondness for 3D art and already has numerous sketches in this genre. Most of his artwork seems to have an object jumping out of the page. He creates many of his 3D illusions by lining up two sketchbooks perpendicular to one another on flat surfaces.

Thank you very much Nagai Hideyuki for allowing us to post and share your 3D Illustration of Emerging Monster. If you wish to see more of his brilliant artworks, you can visit his website and deviant art website. ©2014-2015 NAGAIHIDEYUKI.

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