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Artist: Alexander

I got so much curious about the composition of this 3D drawing. There’s so much illusion in this piece, the drawn hand appears floating and it looks like it is going to jump off from the paper anytime. I must say that there’s perfect shadowing for this creative piece. This deceiving artwork is worth sharing and is a wonderful addition to the gallery of 3D illusion drawings.

About the 3D No6

The 3D No6 is a 3 dimensional drawing that was created by JOKERSHADOW666. This is one of his most mind-blowing works since the illustration has literally jumped off the paper. This artwork has gained many positive feedbacks from other artists and members of deviant art website. Overall, it is an awesome work.

About the Artist

Alexander also known as JOKERSHADOW666 is a traditional artist and hobbyist. He has been a deviant art member for 4 years. He belongs to the group 3DAnamorphic Art and he has great interest in and passion for drawing.

Thank you so much Alexander for allowing us to post and share your 3D No6. If you wish to know more about his fantastic 3D sketches, you can visit his deviant art page. ©2012-2015 JOKERSHADOW666.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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