3D Sketch of Realistic Knife

/3D Sketch of Realistic Knife

3D Sketch of Realistic Knife

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Artist: Alexander

I was astonished when I first saw this sketch of Andrews. I find the knife very realistic and I think that it is an awesome trick of the eye. I like the excellent shading. This 3D sketch is amazing and I wonder if I would also be able to learn how to draw like it. Alexander’s sketch has taken the 3D drawing to the next level. It is brain twisting to think about the shading technique which he used in order to make the knife pop out of the paper.

About the 3D Sketch of Realistic Knife

There is no doubt that 3D sketch art is getting famous these days. This kind of drawing will never fail to amuse any viewer.  Alexander has proven his expertise in shading through this realistic knife drawing.  I find the idea of drawing a knife that pops out of the page unique. This sketch has absolutely attracted me. It almost looks far-fetched. I can see that Alexander has a meticulous eye for detail and his work shows his passion and incredible talent in 3D sketching. I have learned that Andrew has played with the light, shadow, and perspective in order to create this illusion. When the picture is viewed from the perfect angle, the knife illustration seems to leap off the paper and has an impressive visual effect.

About the Artist

Alexander is a traditional artist and hobbyist. He has been a deviant art member for 4 years. He belongs to the group 3DAnamorphic Art and he has great interest and passion for drawing.

Thank you so much Alexander for allowing us to post and share your 3D sketch of realistic knife. If you wish to know more about his fantastic 3D sketches, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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