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Adorable Green Pixie Street Art

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Artist: WhoAm-Irony

Bravo to the Green Pixie Street Art of WhoAm-Irony. I love the realistic dandelions in this street painting but most of all, my favorite is the sitting of the green pixie with lovely wings on the stairs. The painting undeniably blends well with the natural setting. It looks very stunningly artistic that it can leave the spectators dazed and amused. I am loving every detail of it so I am rating this street art with five glittering stars!

About the Adorable Green Pixie Street Art

The Adorable Green Pixie Street Art was created by WhoAm-Irony. He had created a fanciful pixie that interacts very well with the environment especially with the stair. This is one of the cleverest street paintings that he has produced. This artwork was featured by takethef in Deviant Art website’s Daily Deviation.

About the Artist

WhoAm-Irony has been a member of deviant art for 3 years where he shares many of his incredible works. He believes that “talk is cheap while paint is expensive”. WhoAm-Irony loves to experiment with a can of spray paint and a sense of adventure.

Thank you very much WhoAm-Irony for allowing us to post and share your Adorable Green Pixie Street Art. If you wish to see more interesting works, you can go and visit the deviant art web page.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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