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Amazing Light Sculptures

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Artist: Diet Wiegman

I was truly amazed by this optical illusion art piece of Diet. He has once again demonstrated the marvelous workings of the visual system with one’s brain. It has always been a great amusement to see his light sculptures. This masterpiece can serve as a great inspiration to anamorphic artists.

About the Amazing Light Sculptures

The Amazing Light Sculptures were created by Diet Wiegman. He made an authentic recreation of the Earth’s surface as it reflects off a metal tray. He is the kind of artist who can play well with the perception of the spectator through light, reflection and shadows.

About the Artist

Diet Wiegman is a hardworking artist who sees art in anything and he can even make use of thrown away items. He is indeed a resourceful artist who has a brave heart experimenting with and trying out different kinds of new things when creating art.

Thank you very much Diet Wiegman for allowing us to post and share your Amazing Light Sculptures. If you wish to learn more about his amazing artwork, you can visit his website. All images © The Diet Wiegman Archive 1965-2014′ and refer to his website.

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