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Amour Optical Illusion

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Artist: J.M. Brunner

I find this optical illusion artwork very fascinating because at first, the viewer will recognize a sweet couple dating, but if one stands back or does not look directly at the image one can see a larger image. I must say that this is a clever composition and is very visually stimulating. This reminds me of the Rubin goblet, in that there is one image inside another. The stimulus does not change, only the perception of it changes.

About the Amour Optical Illusion

The Amour Optical Illusion was created by J.M Brunner. He made his own version of Amour de Pierrot. This kind of optical illusion artwork is usually used when introducing the concept of Gestalt psychology. It is believed that illustrations with hidden images can also help us understand a great deal about how the brain and perceptual system actually works.

About the Artist

J.M. Brunner is a visual artist specializing in traditional art, drawings and surreal works. He is a member of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist. His creative works can bring wonderment, puzzlement and inspiration to spectators.

Thank you very much J.M Brunner for allowing us to post and share your Amour Optical illusion. If you wish to see more of his amazing artworks, you can go and check out his deviant art page. 2007-2015 Jelly-716.

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