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Anamorphic Robot Graffiti

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Artist: Tsfcrew

Just get the angle right and you’ll see a wonder robot! I like the ghostly effects and the great lighting has enhanced its overall look.  I have seen the behind the scene photos of how Tsfcrew had completed this marvelous anamorphic graffiti. I can see their great dedication, passion and enthusiasm in producing interactive anamorphic paintings. I would definitely love to have a photo of myself with this anamorphic robot. Keep up the awesome work Tsfcrew!

About the Anamorphic Robot Graffiti

The Anamorphic Robot Graffiti was produced by Tsfcrew. They have once again proven their creative flair and adeptness in creating 3 dimensional and illusory paintings.  This is one of the most eye-catching anamorphic paintings that can be found in their gallery.

About the Artist

Tsfcrew has brought together excellent artists, each with a different background story. All of the Tsfcrew artists have specialized in the art of wall painting with spray paint. Each member has developed their own fields of expertise in Graffiti art, decoration, photography and illustration.

Thank you very much Tsfcrew for allowing us to post and share your Tree Anamorphic Robot Graffiti. If you wish to see more amazing works by the Tsfcrew, you can go and visit their website. © 2015 TSFcrew All Rights Reserved.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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