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Anamorphic Weather Station

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Artist: Norman Parker

Here is another superb addition to anamorphic painting. If you are a fan of anamorphic art then you will surely love to have this framed and displayed in your house or office. It has an element of surrealism that adds to its attractiveness. Keep up the great work Norman!

About Anamorphic Weather Station

Anamorphic Weather Station was created by Norman Parker in 2003. I love the way the sky just opens up and produces wonderful images, allowing the viewer to create what he wants in his mind. This is an oil on canvas and it measures 16” by 20”. This painting is available and you can check out his website to see the purchasing details if you are interested in buying it.

About The Author

Norman Parker was born in Leicester in 1935. He is fond of reading about Natural Sciences and he taught biology at Millfield School in Street, Somerset, England. He still lives in Street, Somerset with his wife and family. His original paintings can be seen on display at the Street Library and also at Glastonbury Galleries in Glastonbury. He has had many exhibitions for his artwork. His works have also been used for illustrations in numerous art books and text books. He puts value in the image more than the surface of the paint. He believes that some of the objects or situations in the paintings are imaginary, but they are not unreal, they are just a different sort of real.

This artist has a natural inclination and talent in arts. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t had any formal training in art at school, but has been painting since he was young. He painted as an amateur and semi-professionally for over 50 years. He defines his work as neo-Surrealism. His works feature surrealist imagery, but without the surrealist ideology. He likes exploring the wonderful and ridiculous and finding beauty in strange things.

Thank you Norman Parker for allowing us to post and share your Anamorphic Weather Station. If you wish to learn more about his works, you can visit his website.

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