Anomalous Motion Illusion with Ovals

/Anomalous Motion Illusion with Ovals

Anomalous Motion Illusion with Ovals

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Artist: Nasca Paul

When I saw the anomalous motion illusion, I felt quite dizzy. The image is static, but it appears that there’s a part of the figure that moves in a direction that is different from the rest. However, I still enjoyed looking at this visual design and it to amuses me every time I look at it. This visual illusion really messed with my eyes, yet it did not gave me a headache.

About the Anomalous Motion Illusions with Ovals

As I looked more and more at this illusion, the movement seemed to be more intense. I discovered that the circles stop moving if you stare at only one circle. You can try it yourself to see what I mean. I have learned that the image appears to be moving because of the cognitive effects of interacting color contrasts and shape position. I really like how the circles move and I find it absolutely fascinating.

About the Author

Nasca Paul has the fondness of generating some interesting anomalous motion illusions. Paul has extensive knowledge and experience in designing software applications. He decides which software technology works best in solving different kinds of problems and he also works developing software in many languages like C, C+, Python, Javascript, PHP and more. Paul also writes software using Linux based developing environments. Paul’s articles about the anomalous illusion that he generated is available on the io9 website. He also wrote a tutorial that is available at WikiHow for creating similar apparently moving images.

Thanks Nasca Paul for allowing us to share your interesting Anomalous Motion Illusions. If you wish to know more about his illusion works, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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