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Arom Pescado Flores

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Artist: Oscar Ramos

I was fascinated to see this tessellation artwork of Oscars. The gradual transformation of flowers into fish make it hard to pinpoint where the change becomes complete. My eyes were first drawn to the flowers and worked left toward the fish instead of the other way around.

About the Arom Pescado Flores

This Arom Pescado Flores illustration reveals the specialization of Oscar in photo manipulation and character design. I have learned that this illustration has been featured in many talent and art galleries. Moreover, Oscar has created this tessellation by combining and arranging so as to form a mosaic. The fishes which tessellate cover the plane without openings and without overlying.

About the Artist

Oscar Ramos is an artist who is known for his stunning illustrations. He is an Illustrator based in Santiago, Chile. Oscar is considered as a talented designer who mainly concentrates on character design, digital art, and illustration. Many people find his portfolio interesting and inspiring.

Thank you Oscar Ramos for allowing us to post and share your Copa Chilectra. If you wish to know more about his fascinating illustrations, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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