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Artist: Beau Lotto

The spectator of this eye trick must move the mouse over the mask in order to reveal the true similarity of the baffling cube’s image and mask. This optical illusion by Beau Lotto is so fascinating and surprising. The best thing of all, it works like magic! Keep up the awesome work Beau Lotto!

About the Baffling Cube

The Baffling Cube is an optical illusion that was produced by Beau Lotto. Not only does the blue tile in shadow look more vibrant than the blue tile on the top of the cube, the tiles also seem different in kind. It has something to do with the surface and the light source. Despite this appearance, the surfaces are in fact physically alike.

About the Author

Beau Lotto is founder of Lotto lab which is known as a hybrid art studio and science lab. With brilliant, communicating sculpture, plus old-fashioned peer-reviewed research, he is able to unravel the secrets of the brain’s visual system. Lotto is enthusiastic about engaging people from all walks of life in research on perception, both as subjects and as fellow researchers. The “I,scientist,” in fact has led to the publication of the first ever peer-reviewed scientific paper written by schoolchildren entitled “Blackawton Bees,” on December 2010. All his work endeavors to understand the visual brain as a system defined by its past ecological interactions with the world. In this viewpoint, the brain changed to see what proved useful to see, to continually redefine normality. According to this artist, Illusions are critical windows into the mind.

Thanks Beau Lotto for allowing us to post and share your fascinating optical illusion. If you wish to know more about his artwork then you can visit his website.

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