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Befuddling Flip Flop Box

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Artist: Anu Wilde

The Befuddling Flip Flip Box is a dazzling M.C. Escher and Vasarely inspired visual illusion by Anu Wilde. This artwork shows her enthusiasm in creating clever optical illusions. Spectators will surely appreciate how she constantly takes extra effort in improving her skills and knowledge in the digital art. This artwork deserves recognition not only for the clever and mind-warping composition but also for her perseverance.

About the Befuddling Flip Flop Box

The Befuddling Flip Flop Box was created by Anu Wilde. This impossible figure appears puzzling mainly due to the colors and structure used. This is the result of Wilde’s attempt to create 3D boxes.

She used the Apophysis 2.06c beta 3D Hack for this digital artwork. This math-inspired art form is quite tricky and challenging to figure out. Spectators may have to use a calculator to compute the parameters of the original box to make it precise. However, once you figure out the math on the original box, the rest is a bit simpler to solve.

About the Artist

Anu Wilde is a visual artist from Australia specializing in digital and fractal art. She is a member of Deviant art, the largest online community for art and artists. Wilde is also a member of various Deviant Art groups such as MC Escher Style, Fractal Faces, and Rene Laloux Is Alive.

Thank you very much, Anu Wilde, for allowing us to post and share the Befuddling Flip Flop Box. If you wish to see more of her incredible artworks, you can check out her Deviant Art page.

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