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Artist: Kohske Takahashi

The challenge for me when I saw the Blurry Heart illusion was to find where the background begins.  The heart appears to pulse in front of my eyes. I find it interesting to know that the deception doesn’t appear to happen when different mixes of colors are used or when the illusion is replicated in black and white. You can check out the black and white replication of the blurry heart to see what I mean.

About the Blurry heart

I found out that Koshke Takahashi and his teammates Ryosuke Niimi and Katsumi Watanabe have theorized that illusory motion is prompted by blurred red-blue edges. Visual patterns comprising of a red-and-blue area with a blurry edge can cause deceptive movement. According to Koshke Takahashi, eye motion over a static pattern affected deceptive movement of the edge in the route which is reverse to the eye movement. The deception likewise happens for patterns in motion without the movement of the eye. The illusion infers the impact of color blend on the spatial awareness of a blurry edge.

About the Artist

Kohske Takahashi studied in the University of Tokyo and he had his specialty on Cognitive Psychology. Koshke and his team have found out that by drawing figures with blurry edges, and utilizing the colors red and blue, they could make shapes that appeared to beat. In examination, a shape with characterized edges doesn’t have the same impact.

Thank you very much Kohske Takahashi for allowing us to post and share your Blurry Heart. If you wish to know more about his illusion pictures, you can go and visit his website.

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