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Butterfly Paper Metamorphosis

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Believe it or not, but everything that you see is just a pencil drawing but it incredibly appears as a real butterfly cut out with masking tape. I can see that J.D has already mastered the art of pencil drawing. He generously shares his techniques in a free video tutorial. Watch the video and it will give you an overall glimpse on how he make his extremely realistic drawings.

About the Butterfly Paper Metamorphosis

The Butterfly Paper Metamorphosis was produced by J. D. Hillberry. This butterfly is portrayed as gazing back at where it came from. This artwork depicts retrospection and new found freedom. This pencil illustration was on white paper, using charcoal for the background and graphite for the refined shading of the paper wrinkles. The masking tape was produced with a carbon pencil.

About the Artist

J.D. Hillberry is the kind of artist who has a natural ability to create wonderful things for the sake of art, love and self-discovery. He has developed his own drawing style of blending charcoal and graphite to produce a photo realistic effect to his illustrations. He has endeavored to push the limits of realistic expression with illustration. Imitating reality is not his main objective. He uses the technical skills in order to develop a story or draw out an emotion.

Thank you very much J. D. Hillberry for allowing us to post and share your Butterfly Paper Metamorphosis. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can visit his website.

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