Checkerboard Optical Illusion

/Checkerboard Optical Illusion

Checkerboard Optical Illusion

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Artist: Asila-Chan

I find this optical illusion by Asila-Chan fun and interesting. It is a checkerboard but I can find some circle shapes. Would you dare try to see it yourself? It is an exciting optical illusion that is worth sharing to friends and puzzle enthusiasts.

About the Checkerboard Optical Illusion

The Checkerboard Optical Illusion was created by Asila-Chan. It is a simple yet fascinating optical illusion. The distance from the little white quad to the big black creates the illusion. She made this art at school with Adobe Illustrator CS5.

About the Artist

Asila-Chan is a visual artist from Austria. She is a member of Deviant Art, the largest online community for art and artists. She loves producing interesting photo manipulations and sketches.

Thank you very much Asila-Chan for allowing us to post and share your Checkerboard Optical Illusion. If you wish to see more of her incredible artworks and optical illusions, you can go and check out her deviant art page.

About the Author:

A Person with Love and Passion for Puzzles.

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