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Clouds of Peace

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Artist: Giulia Piu

Clouds of Peace is an absolute beautiful shot by Giulia. The cannon is at just the right angle with the clouds, to make it look deceiving. The clouds are easily mistaken as real smoke coming out of the cannon, which shows great imagination and timing.I love the title she has chosen for this photo and I certainly believe that photography aficionados will love this amazing shot!

About the Clouds of Peace

The Clouds of Peace is a photograph that was produced by Giulia Piu in 2009. She used her Canon Power Shot G9 with camera flash off. She had good timing in capturing this lovely and meaningful scene. This picture has gained thousands of views and flattering comments on Flickr.

About the Artist

Giulia Piu is a visual artist from Italy and she currently works in London as a designer. Her photographs are unique and special and can bring great delight and inspiration to people.

Thank you very much Giulia Piu for allowing us to post and share your Clouds of Peace. If you wish to see more of her fascinating photographs, you can go and check out her Flickr page. All rights reserved.

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