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Coffee Bean Optical Illusion

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Artist: Gianni Sarcone

I love the way the coffee beans in this illusion move and wave. It is a mesmerizing effect that leaves me cross-eyed when I stare at it too long.

About the Coffee Bean Optical Illusion

I have learned that both color and brightness often prompt the deceptive effect of motion. Although the image is absolutely static, the coffee beans appear to wave. Nevertheless, it makes the individual wonder and think about the rationale behind the illusory wave movement of the coffee beans. This coffee bean optical illusion will surely awaken your curiosity.

About the Artist

Gianni Sarcone is writer, originator and designer with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of visual creativity, fun mathematics and educational games. Gianni uses his creative imagination, ingenuity and love for discovery in his works. He believes that these are the foundations of a purposeful life. Gianni is dedicated to producing writings, workshops and designs which are both fun and educational, in collaborative and entertaining ways. His artworks and books are fun and stimulating for all age groups.  According to Gianni, it is his pleasure to entertain people. Not only that, he also attempts to challenge them to think out of the box and bring them to a sense of wonder.

Thank you very much Gianni Sarcone for allowing us to post and share your Coffee Bean optical illusion. If you wish to know more about his fascinating artworks, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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