Common Foods Disguised as Other Foods

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Common Foods Disguised as Other Foods

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Artist: Hikaru Cho
Artist's Website:

The Common Foods Disguised as Other Foods was created by Hikaru Cho. It is a fun photo series of painted common foods that can bring great surprise and delight to the spectators. She used her incredible talent with paintbrush for this creative project.

About the Common Foods Disguised as Other Foods

I was truly amazed to realize that the cucumber was actually a banana and the cabbage, a watermelon. They look very realistic, so much so that the viewer is fooled. There are others in this series of paintings, as well. I truly admire his boldness and ingenuity for creating this fun photo series.

About the Artist

Hikaru Cho is a promising artist from Tokyo, Japan. She has been working with body painting, stop motion movie, illustration, clay sculpture, clothing design and character design for many years. She also uses her talent to convert common foods into other foods using cleverly applied acrylic paint. She is also an expert in paintbrush because she can astoundingly change human faces and body parts by adding extra details like that of eyes, zippers and mouths.

Thank you very much Hikaru Cho for allowing us to post and share your Common Foods Disguised as Other Foods. If you wish to see more of her incredible works, you can visit to her website. ┬ęcho All Right Reserved.

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