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Artist: Charline Lancel

I find this digital work to be a very good brain teaser. It looks tricky because of the colors and lines. I see many circles although the shape is not concrete. It makes the mind perform cognitive inferences. When the shapes are further observed, the shapes become more and more ambiguous. It is a mysterious shape that will make the viewer curious and think a lot.

About the Compo76 Gratitude

This Compo76 Gratitude is a digital work by Charline Lancel. Being an aficionado of optical illusion, he is enthusiastic about creating digital artwork that awes his spectators. This digital artwork on optical illusion surely challenges the sense and perception of its viewer.  Due to the ambiguity of this digital artwork, it is sometimes mistaken as an abstract work. Charline’s digital art involves photo-manipulation known as “Matricial Digital Op Art”. It is a technique where the abstract and geometric lines are harmoniously arranged.

About the Artist

Charline Lancel delivers stunning optical illusion every week on his Facebook account. Charline loves to create optical illusions in digital art. Charline has already created many digital artworks and they are all amazing.

Thank you very much Charline Lancel for allowing us to post and share your Compo76 Gratitude. If you wish to see more of Charline’s digital art, you can go and visit the website and Facebook of this artist.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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