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Compo81 Mountain Flower

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Artist: Charline Lancel

This mountain flower picture looks interesting to me. I can see the light beaming from the center of the flower and I am stunned with the effects of the color.  This picture has superfluous detail and I admire the cleverness and imagination of Charline for creating this unique piece of art.

About the Compo81 Mountain Flower

This is a Digital OpArt by Charline Lancel and it is a beautiful optical illusion. This is actually a 2 dimensional picture which has been transformed into 3 dimensional image with the expert selection of colors, toning scales, perspective and light. The illusion of depth is also created.  Light is the key aspect which reinforces the optical illusion and it can help the 3d artwork to look believable. Charline has an open mind about creating a digital graffiti and is willing to try new things. This is what has been conveyed in this blue mountain flower – it is not a traditional image of a flower – it features novelty.

About the Artist

Charline Lancel delivers stunning optical illusion every week in his Facebook account. Charline loves to create optical illusions in digital art. Charline has already created many digital artworks and they are all amazing.

Thank you very much Charline Lancel for allowing us to post and share your Blue Mountain Flower optical illusion. If you wish to see more of Charline’s digital art, you can go and visit the website and Facebook page of this artist.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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