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Artist: Guido Moretti

This Cube not Cube impossible figures by Guido Moretti is one of the most perplexing optical illusions that I have seen in the Internet. I can see the many interpositions that have been made in this impossible figure. I am very much impressed with the exceptional mind of Guido when it comes to conceptualizing and designing brain twisting figures. I can see through this artwork that he is truly a as a master of analytical geometry. In this incredible artwork, Guido had flip back and forth between evenly conceivable angles of the object that is being represented.

About the Cube not Cube

This Cube not Cube artwork of Guido is just like the many other impossible cubes that can provide opportunities for important research into human perceptual processes and to bring amusement and fascination to many viewers. In this artwork, Guido has attempted to reveal the peoples boundless interest with whats artistic and peculiar. This kind of work can help the individuals realize that the perception may be limited and it can differ depending on how the other person sees the same thing, but from a different viewpoint. The model can be viewed in three ways and they can be seen as virtual cube, real solid and virtual and impossible solid. This is the result of using the Orthogonal Intersections or interposition method. Guido finds it fun and exciting to draw and create something that bring to mind a three-dimensional figure. Illusory illustrations have attracted Guido and this serves as his inspiration in many of his works. The illustration of a cube in perspective creates the deception of a three-dimensional cube figure. Both the real solids and virtual solids are well presented in this work of Guido.

About the Artist

Guido Moretti is a passionate artist of ambiguous art. He has great enthusiasm for working with analytical geometry. His creations are all fascinating and stupefying to his viewers. His art pieces can definitely bring delight to the eyes of both young and old spectators.

Thank you very much Guido Moretti for allowing us to post and share your Cube not Cube. If you wish to see more of his ambiguous artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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