Day 238 of 365 Impossible Bottles

/Day 238 of 365 Impossible Bottles

Day 238 of 365 Impossible Bottles

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Artist: Eric Lecleric

I had fun watching the impossible bottle video by Eric Lecleric. Every time he showed the progress of his impossible bottle, I was surprised. Speckled with humor, the video was entertaining and now I really want to know the secret of how to create an impossible bottle.

About the Day 238 of 365 Impossible Bottles

This impossible bottle was created by Eric and he is trying to show the idea of taking things that could not possibly fit into the mouth of the bottle and put them inside of the bottle. Eric’s impossible bottles have been featured in a magazine with the title “Fresh Bottled Mystery”. I have learned that Eric has allowed his imagination to go absolutely wild when he is working with impossible bottles and it took him a day to finish this one. It took him 4-6 hours in order to put everything that he needs inside of the bottle. This day 238 of 365 impossible bottles includes a set of Sorcerer’s Safari business cards with a bolt through them, a full deck of cards, scissors, a big heart, a tennis ball, a coin and an impossible knot.

About the Artist

Eric Lecleric is a certified aficionado of building impossible bottles. In fact, he has a YouTube channel about making different impossible bottles which he entitled the Lecleric Show. His other hobby is creating magic tricks but he mainly focuses on his passion for impossible bottles.

Thank you so much Eric Leclerc for allowing us to post and share your Day 238 of 365 impossible bottles. If you wish to know more about his impossible bottles, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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