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Eagle-Owl on Hookah

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Artist: Lyubov Nikolayeva

This picture of an impossible object  is yet another peculiar artwork from the impossible world. The Eagle-Owl on Hookah is a striking artwork that totally puzzled me. You can see that the frame around the bird twists in an unrealistic way.

About the Eagle-Owl on Hookah

I am impressed with Nikol’s imagination. I find impossible images fascinating. Nikol’s excellent drawing of this Eagle-Owl has made me reflect on it’s plausibility.  I was absolutely flabbergasted by the imagination displayed by this illusion.

About the Artist

Lyubov Nikolayeva (alias NIKOL) was born in the town of Nikolayev, Ukraine. Nikol has been interested in painting since childhood. In 1982, she began painting by ink. During this time, ink and pen were the main means for the illustration of her fantasies or in scenes from the books that she read. Nikol works in Artistic Russian Drama Theatre in Ukraine. In 1992, she became a laureate of international contest “Illustrators of The Future Contest”. She has taken part in exhibitions in Nikolaev since 1993.

Thank you very much Lyubov Nikolayeva for allowing us to post and share your interesting artwork. If you wish to learn more about her astounding artworks, you can go and visit her website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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