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EPFL Institute, Switzerland

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Artist: 3DJoe and Max
Artist's Website: http://3djoeandmax.com/

Who would not want to travel and explore the universe? It is really nice to see an outer space pavement art by 3DJoe and Max. I find this work inviting, interactive and exciting. I was wonder struck because I rarely see a 3 dimensional street painting that has a theme like this. I would love to have a picture of myself with this terrific pavement painting because it looks realistic.

About the EPFL Institute, Switzerland

This inter-galactic themed pavement artwork was created by 3DJoe and Max. They have been popularly known as the brilliant creators of the massive 3d street paintings. They can bring the viewers to different dimensions with their incredible pavement paintings. This time, they had created the outer space for their viewers. This 3 dimensional paintings are awesomely deceptive, inspiring and amusing.

About the Artist

3DJoe and Max has created many 3d paintings which are all stunning. Joe and Max are artists who have traveled many different places in order to create their 3 dimensional masterpieces. They have worked with big clients like Google, Disney, Reebok, Save the Children and Coca-Cola just to name a few. There is no doubt that 3DJoe and Max has exceptional talent and expertise for being able to work with such big companies.

Thank you very much 3DJoe and Max for allowing us to post and share your wonderful work of art. If you wish to see more of his amazing 3Dartwork, you can go and visit the website.

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