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Fanciful Plane Stereogram

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Artist: Hernan J. Gonzalez

I was impressed with the Fanciful Plane Stereogram of Hernan. I can see that he is passionate about creating an illusion of 3 dimensional vision. The best thing of all, is that the viewer does not need any special equipment like 3D glass to see the hidden image.

About the Fanciful Plane Stereogram

The Fanciful Plane Stereogram was created by Hernan J. Gonzalez. He used software that he had developed many years ago. According to him, this stereogram is optimized to be recognized on a computer monitor and not to be printed on paper.

About the Artist

Hernan J. Gonzalez is a stereogram artist and he has stereograms made by a program that he developed during his scientific years at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are optimized to be seen on a computer monitor and are not recommended to be printed on paper.

Thank you Hernan J. Gonzalez for allowing us to post and share your Fanciful Plane Stereogram. If you wish to know more about his interesting artwork, you can visit his website.

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