Flowers Optical Illusion

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Flowers Optical Illusion

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Artist: Miwa Miwa

The Flowers Optical Illusion is an original work from Miwa. It took me a little while to see the illusion of movement in this picture and it is all worth the perseverance. You can never underestimate this work of Miwa. It may look simple, but the flowers blowing in the breeze will blow you away.

About the Flowers Optical Illusion

The Flowers Optical Illusion was created by Miwa Miwa. The intensity of the optical illusion might be not too great and almost unrecognizable, but with a little patience you will get a delightful surprise. This is a type of moving optical illusion which requires gradation. Miwa has once again proven the possibility of combining art and illusion.

About the Artist

Miwa Miwa is an artist who has love and fervor for creating wonderful optical illusions.

Thank you Miwa Miwa for allowing us to post and share your Flowers Optical Illusion. If you wish to know more about Miwa Miwa’s work, you can visit the official website of this artist. (c) miwa miwa 2004. All copyrights belong to me. Reprint without permission of the work is prohibited.

About the Author:

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