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Artist: Monument Valley

After watching the game teaser video, I have confirmed that the Monument Valley game is full of mind-blowing challenges that will surely test and challenge your sense of perception. You can enhance your puzzle gaming skills, critical and logical thinking with this game app. The Forgotten Shores is said to be the highly anticipated expansion of the Monument Valley. Hey, I am a big fan now, I love everything about this game! It is definitely a must-try.

About the Forgotten Shores

The Forgotten Shores is a game teaser video that was produced by the Monument Valley. It comes with brilliant design and each game scene that will flash on your screen is absolutely a wonderful work of art. It is fun filled with impossible architectures that are inspired by Eschers optical illusion artworks. By the way, the eight new chapters in-app purchase is now available.

About the Artist

Monument Valley is a company that loves to produce illusory adventure of impossible architecture. They also create fan art, press kit, prints and merchandises. Monument is also a game, the most elegant that you can ever play in you iPad and thats their promise. It has gained many awards and recognition like Best 3D Visuals Unity Award 2014 and Apple Design Award Winner 2014.

Thank you very much Monument Valley for allowing us to post and share your Forgotten Shores. If you wish to see more of their amazing works, you can go and check out their website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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