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Grabbing the Cloud Photo

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Artist: Flea yan

I gasped when I saw this photograph by Flea Yan. It looks well-polished and realistic. In this photograph, he reminds everyone that timing is everything. It really looks like he was able to grab the cloud. I am glad to see more and more interesting photos in Flickr.

About Grabbing the Cloud Photo

Grabbing the Cloud Photo was produced by Flea Yan in 2008. He had used his Nikon D200 with camera flash off.

About the Artist

Flea Yan is a passionate photographer. He likes to produce photographs that can fascinate and inspire people.

Thank you very much, Flea Yan, for allowing us to post and share Grabbing the Cloud Photo. If you wish to see more of his interesting photographs, you can check out his Flickr page. All rights reserved.

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