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Horse’s Birds3 Tessellation

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Artist: Makoto Nakamura

This is one of my personal favorite tessellations because I love the colors and the way the details work together. It is a wonderful eye trick and at the same time can make a great screen saver. I would definitely love to have a copy of this tessellation displayed in my office or living room. I have to say that in my opinion, this is the loveliest tessellation that Makoto Nakamura has made.

About the Horse’s Birds3 Tessellation

The Horse’s Bird 3 Tessellation was created by Makoto Nakamura. I like the way the cream birds work in together with the horses in shape and color. This artwork dares the spectators to spot more than one form. It has a marvelous appearance that can bring great delight to fans of eye tricks.

About the Artist

Makoto Nakamura is a tessellation artist from Japan. He allows the spectator to explore the prospects of new expression of tessellation art. His works feature layered three dimensional tessellations and some of them are even animated.

Thank you very much Makoto Nakamura for allowing us to post and share your Horse’s Birds3 Tessellation. If you wish to see more of his incredible works, you can visit his website. The copyright of this work belongs to Makoto Nakamura.

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