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Artist: Gianni Sarcone

The Hypnotic Vibes is a very absorbing digital artwork. It can produce intense pulsations. No wonder why this optical illusion artwork was hand-picked to represent and promote the 2014 Grec Festival in Barcelona. It was also chosen for the promotional campaign of the eye drop Alfa Protezione UV and was presented at the Las Vegas Adventure Dome. Hats off to Gianni’s amazing talent in creating the Hypnotic Vibes.

About the Hypnotic Vibes

The Hypnotic Vibes was created by Gianni Sarcone in 1999. I love how this piece moves! According to him, the viewer needs to be cautious not to gaze at the image for too long or else, he might become mesmerized. Most spectators recognize the pulsation of the reddish part of this design; there are even viewers who can match the virtual throbs of the art print with the beat of their own heart.

About the Artist

Gianni Sarcone is writer, originator and designer with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of visual creativity, fun mathematics and educational games. Gianni uses his creative imagination, ingenuity and love for discovery in his works. He believes that these are the foundations of a purposeful life. Gianni is dedicated to producing writings, workshops and designs which are both fun and educational, in collaborative and entertaining ways. His artwork and books are fun and stimulating for all age groups. According to Gianni, it is his pleasure to entertain people. Not only that, he also attempts to challenge them to think outside of the box and bring them to a sense of wonder.

Thank you very much Gianni Sarcone for allowing us to post and share your Hypnotic Vibes optical illusion. If you wish to know more about his fascinating artworks, you can visit his website. Copyright © G. Sarcone.

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