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Illustration Filled with Illusion

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Artist: Michelle Zhang

I was able to check out her works in her deviant art gallery and I have seen several optical illusion artworks that are interesting. When you further examine this illustration, it will definitely leave you perplexed. At a quick look, you will assume that the lady is the one who is drawing the lizards that become alive. However, when you study the details of the hand that holds the pencil, it looks like a different person and possibly a male one!

About the Illustration Filled with Illusion

The Illustration Filled with Illusion was created by karmaela in 2007. She used graphite pencils and color pencils. According to her, this work is inspired by the illusion works of M.C Escher. Just like any optical illusion artwork, this drawing can entertain and puzzle.

About the Artist

Michelle Zhang also known as karmaela is a visual artist from Australia. She specializes in creating traditional drawings and surreal art. She is a member of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist. Her works are often described as beautiful and visually stimulating.

Thank you very much karmaela for allowing us to post and share your Illustration Filled with Illusion. If you wish to see more of her interesting works, you can go and check out her deviant art page. 2008-2015 karmaela.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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