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Artist: Kokichi Sugihara

I find the Impossible Motion 2 worth sharing!  It is fun to watch and such 3D illusion will definitely amaze you. This is a stupefying collection of very unique illusion art pieces and it almost looks like a magic trick more than a wonderful work of art.

About the Impossible Motion 2

This Impossible Motion 2 has been created by Kokichi Sugihara to amaze many viewers. This is a collection of 10 fantastic works which are all 3d illusion. He has explained the effects of angle in his video and has shown how it can affect the way we see an an object.  I have learned that Kokichi Sugihara has discovered the Impossible Motion in his engineering research for machine interpretation of line drawings. In order to evaluate the behavior of his software, Sugihara gave images of impossible objects as the input supposing the software would judge them impossible. However, his software occasionally interprets the pictures of impossible objects as real solids, from which he discovered some pictures of “impossible” objects were not impossible. This Impossible Motion 2 has won the best illusion contest in 2010 in Florida.

About the Artist

Kokichi Sugihara is a Japan based master of perception works. He has computer software that interprets two dimensional line drawings as three dimensional objects. There are times where the software rejects the original designs as impossible.  According to Sugihara, the program sometimes turned the objects into real objects, and that’s how he has discovered that some impossible objects are not really impossible. They can actually be built as three-dimensional pieces.

Thank you Kokichi Sugihara for allowing us to post and share your Impossible Motion 2. If you wish to know more about his works on impossible motion, you can go and visit his website.

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