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Impossible Triangle – Animation

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Artist: Erwin Bonsma

I must say that Eriban has really done a great job with this impossible triangle animation. This was the first animated impossible figure that I had seen and it really got me hooked on them. It is one of the most spectacular animated op arts that I have found on the internet. Bravo! It’s totally mind-blowing and visually stimulating. I would be very happy to rate this with five shimmering stars!

About the Impossible Triangle – Animation

The Impossible Triangle – Animation was created by Eriban. He specializes in creating animated impossible figures, Escher illusions, penrose and gifs. This is one of his most amazing optical illusion artworks. According to him, he has done a few twists and turns to create a trick. The impossible triangle is not just a plain figure; the viewer will be surprised to see that it’s a curved structure.

About the Artist

Erwin Bonsma also known as Eriban has been a deviant art member for five years and he belongs to the 3D illusions group. He very much enjoys creating Escher inspired ray-traced illusions, puzzles, designs for 3D printing, animations, software and more.

Thank you Erwin Bonsma for giving us the permission to post and share your Impossible Triangle – Animation. If you wish to know more about his interesting 3D illusion artworks, you can visit his deviant art page. ©2013-2015 eriban.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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