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Artist: Fredo

The Inc. 3D drawing of Fredo is mind-blowing. It appears as having a life of its own and it can definitely transport the viewer into a different dimension. Anamorphosis is a very impressive creative process that entails a meticulous eye for detail and the ability to play with depth perception. The viewer will surely get trapped in unending fascination in this masterpiece.

About the Inc. Anamorphic Art

The Inc. Anamorphic Art is an amazing and incredible anamorphic art that was created by Fredo. This is a 3 dimensional illustration that keeps you looking for more faces and checking out the various interesting details. The drawing seems to jump out of the page and draw you into a different world of wild imagination, with the various stairwells and spaces between, making you wonder what will jump out at you next.
About the Artist

Fredo is a deviant artist from Chile. He is a member of deviant art for seven years and he belongs to the 3D Anamorphic Art group. It is his pleasure to share his intriguing work of art.

Thank you very much Fredo for allowing us to post and share your Inc. Anamorphic Art. If you wish to see more of his interesting 3d drawings, you can visit his Deviant Art page. ©2012-2015 byfredo.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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