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Incredible Floating Ball

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Artist: Jonathan Harris

I was impressed with this levitating ball of Jonathan’s. I find it clever that the photographer has included the color pencil and the artist’s hand. I must say that it has enhanced the overall beauty of the illusion in this artwork. I have watched the behind the scenes video and was impressed with the completion of the floating ball. He is truly an artist of ingenuity!

About the Incredible Floating Ball

The Incredible Floating Ball is a trick art and 3 dimensional anamorphic illusion by Jonathan Harris. He had once again proven his expertise in producing astonishing 3D illustrations. He utilized 110lb cardstock, HB pencil and prisma color pencils for this artwork.

About the Artist

Jonathan Harris is a visual artist from the United States. He is a member of Deviant Art, the largest online community for art and artist. His works are absolutely astonishing, delightful and inspiring.

Thank you very much Jonathan Harris for allowing us to post and share your Incredible Floating Ball. If you wish to see more of his amazing works, you can check out his Deviant Art page. ©2014-2015 JSHarts.

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