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Artist: Liu Bolin

I consider Liu a great photo illusionist. At my first glimpse of this picture, I failed to recognize that there is actually a concealed person. I find it an ingenious concept to conceal the human form by entirely painting it in such a way that it  looks invisible. This has been produced without the special effects of Photoshop.

About the Intrepid Photo

The Intrepid Photo was produced by the ever clever visual artist Liu Bolin. It measures 44 1/4 x 59 inches or 112.5 x 150 cm. Believe it or not, but he has not applied any photo manipulation in this picture. The person was painted head-to-toe by his assistants with the picture of the background as a guide. According to him, this photo is not just all about disappearance, but his actual intention is to allow the environs to take ownership of him.

About the Artist

Liu Bolin is a very talented visual artist from Shandong, China. He is the creator of the invisible man and he hides in plain sight. He has done solo and selected group exhibitions. He has opened an exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris exhibiting many photographs that show him, as impeccably hidden in different urban backdrops.

Thank you very much Liu Bolin for allowing us to post and share your Intrepid Photo. If you wish to see more of his incredible artworks, you can visit his website.

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